Technical Specifications

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Machine Specifications

Lock Stitch Yes
Sewing Area 220mm × 100mm 250mm × 160mm 300mm × 200mm
Stitch Length 0.05 — 12.7 mm
Threat Trimmer Yes
Thread Wiper Yes
Maximum Sewing Speed 2,800 spm
(subject to thread and material conditions)
Air Consumption 1.8/min.
Machine Type Electronic programmable lockstitch sewing machine
Stitch Type Single needle lock stitch (301)
Maximum Number of Stitches 20,000 per pattern
Work Clamp Type Fixed Type standard, Cassette Type/Hoop Type Optional
Stepping Foot Intermittent, electronic height adjustable
Stepping Foot Lift Amount 22 mm
Stepping Foot Stroke 0 or 2 — 10 mm (factory setting is 3 mm)
Hook Type/Size Oscillating, double capacity
Data Storage Means Flash memory
Sewing Motor AC servo 550 watt
Shipping Weight 118 kg 227 kg 227 kg
Air Pressure 0.5 Mpa 3.1 I/min.
Power Supply Single phase
Single phase 100V/220V