Add digital precision to your sewing operation

Quickly and easily sew patches, appliques, letters and numbers to fabrics and garments with Brother Vision Sewing.

Apply lettering to banners, jackets, fabrics and more.

You can stitch a series of initials, names and other words quickly and easily in a single operation. The Vision Sewing System takes a photo of the various patches in the machine’s sew field and automatically creates the stitch pattern around the borders.

Sew numbers onto jerseys, uniforms, and other specialty garments.

Using preset stitch specifications, the system automatically generates a stitch pattern and proceeds to create a new sew pattern along the edge of the number(s). The auto sew feature then stitches along both inside and outside borders of the number(s).

Put patches and appliques onto practically anything.

The user simply selects specific stitch types such as straight or zigzag including other stitch specifications (stitch pitch, width and over-sew). Stitch specifications can be saved for specific applications for future use.

Industries & Markets

Companies of practically any size and specialization can incorporate the Vision Sewing System into their already existing operations.

  • Garment Decorators
  • Uniform/Laundry Companies
  • Apparel Manufacturers/Label Sewing
  • Fashion Apparel
  • Police and Military Organizations

The Vision Sewing System Process

  1. User selects desired stitch settings on BAS machine.
  2. Fabric or garment is loaded on machine.
  3. Letter(s)/Number(s)/Applique is affixed in place on the item while loaded or before loading.
  4. VS takes a picture and automatically creates the stitch pattern(s).
  5. User engages the machines and VS system sews the application.