Brother Vision Sewing

The Future of Sewing Automation

Add digital precision to your sewing operation.

Quickly and easily sew patches, appliques, letters and numbers to fabrics and garments with Brother Vision Sewing.

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Gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace

Utilize the Vision Sewing system’s innovative capability to help:

  • Increase production output
  • Easily sew most any shapes and sizes
  • Deskill the sewing operation
  • Provide consistent quality
  • Fully sew objects that have both inside and outside borders
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Automated Sewing from Brother BAS

Brother’s BAS automated sewing machines to provide uniform stitching at increased sewing speeds without the need of a skilled sewing operator.

Brother Product BAS 326G
BAS 326G 220mm x 100mm
Brother Product BAS 341H
BAS 341H 250mm x 160mm
Brother Product BAS 342H
BAS 342H 300mm x 200mm

Precision engineered machines for your sewing application.

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